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Car Window Tinting in Raleigh NC

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Here at Auto Lust our mission is to always provide high quality automotive car care. Our window tinting service falls right in line.

All of our films are backed by a lifetime warranty, and will never fade like cheap low quality films. We offer Carbon based window tint that blocks out 99% of UV rays that cause damage to your interior and are a hazard to your skin.

The Carbon series tint will never fade and provides increased heat rejection keeping your vehicle and occupants cooler.

Our Ceramic series window tint is simply amazing. While it will never fade, it blocks out 99% of UV rays and offers great heat rejection making your vehicle noticeably cooler during North Carolina's hottest months.

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Window Tinting for Demanding Car Owners

Auto Lust Detailing is Raleigh’s best choice for high-performance window tinting and we take pride in the quality of our work and the high quality of our window films. Car window tint isn't just about darkening your windows anymore. High-performance window film keeps your interior cool, protects your skin from cancer and and just like Clear Bra, car tint also shields your interior from aging and fading.

Pricing Start At

2 Front Windows - $100
Coupe - $250
Sedan - $300
Full SUV - $400


Protect your investment with the
pioneers in automobile protection.
What is paint protection film?
The XPEL difference.
The XPEL promise.
Will CQuartz, Opti-Coat or
Ceramic Pro damage the film?
Can/should CQuartz or similar
coating be applied to the
car before the film is installed?
How long should I wait to apply
your product if my car
has been repainted?
Paint Protection Film heal itself?
How deep of a scratch will heal?
How long does it take for a
scratch to heal?
How many times will the clear
coat heal itself?
How long will the clear coat last?
Paint Protection Film
resist staining?
What if a stain does not come
off the film during
normal washing?
Can I wax the film when I wax
the rest of the car?
Will XPEL ULTIMATE make the
paint underneath the
film fade at a different rate?
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