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Supreme beauty surfaces when engineering prowess is coupled with skilled craftsmanship. We consider this principle when delivering the ultimate ceramic paint protection solution for your prized vehicle. Our certified installers deliver flawless, lasting results that are unrivaled in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We are one of the few companies in Raleigh who install not one, but two of the most iconic coatings: Feynlab and CQUARTZ. They manufacture the most exclusive and advanced ceramic car coatings in America. This is the stuff that "tops" a car lovers dreams!

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Ceramic Coating in Raleigh NC


Feynlab Professional Coatings are exclusively distributed to trained and certified Feynlab installers. This ensures your paint is properly polished, thus allowing the coating to bond correctly providing the best longevity of the product.Proper decontamination and sterilization of the vehicle's surface allows the coating to be capable of bonding adequately. This will ensure its performance, longevity, and durability.Our talented team of technicians at Auto Lust Detailing, LLC are up to date with the current and latest application protocols.

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Ceramic Lite is classified as our entry level coating due its extreme user friendly application method. ‘Lite’ designates the coating contains a lower solids content than our traditional offerings. However, it still packs quite a punch in terms of durability and performance.
OVERCOAT is far and away the slickest and most hydrophobic coating in the FEYNLAB® family. Its sole purpose is to add great water sheeting and self cleaning properties to any of our ceramic coatings. In addition, the super low free surface energy of OVERCOAT causes the surface to feel silky smooth to the touch.

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FEYNLAB CERAMIC v3 is our highest solids version of CERAMIC that forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. This gives CERAMIC v3 enhanced surface strength, exceptional gloss, UV protection, and chemical resistance.
CERAMIC v3 is an upgrade from v2, providing and easier installation, improved hydrophobics, and an amazing self-cleaning ability to keep your vehicle looking better between washes.

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FEYNLAB Ceramic Ultra

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC ULTRA is our most durable non-healing ceramic coating. CERAMIC ULTRA builds on the highly successful and robust DNA of CERAMIC v2 by further enhancing the solids (nano particles and proprietary resin).
CERAMIC ULTRA forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. The flexible, but durable coating, exhibits great scratch resistance, gloss, and magnificent hydrophobicity. CERAMIC ULTRA also provides UV protection and chemical resistance (acid rain), protecting the paint from fading.

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This coat was developed to protect from harsh conditions of vehicle wheels and turn wheel cleaning into easy mode!. This THICK & Durable ceramic nano coating invites extreme conditions because it was designed for high temperatures and a constant barrage of intense contamination.

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How does Ceramic Coating protect your asset?

The ingenious engineers at Feynlab have designed these nano coatings to be ridiculously hydrophobic. The word “hydrophobic” is derived from the word “hydrophobia” which literally means “the fear of water."
The hyper-hydrophobic properties of Feynlab automotive ceramic coatings repel water like no other. This allows dirt, mud, tar, and other contaminants to be repelled, keeping your paint cleaner longer in between washes.By making it harder for contaminants to stick to your automobile, this hyper-hydrophobic technology will make washing your vehicle a lot easier and faster. The water and soap alone will easily pick up dirt and sheet it right off your vehicles paint surface.

Ridiculously Glossy
We can’t talk about ceramic coatings without mentioning the deep gloss and amazing shine they add to a vehicle’s paint. Your vehicle will maintain that freshly waxed look year-round and for years to come!

A Lifelong Solution
Ceramic coatings for cars have been engineered to dramatically outlast waxes and sealants. Our selection of Feynlab ceramic paint coatings can last anywhere from 3-Years up to 10+-Years, potentially lasting the entire car ownership lifecycle.

A Shield Against Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Stains and Etching
We have chosen to use Feynlab because they are among the thickest and most chemically resistant coatings available today. Each are capable of withstanding years of acidic effect from even the worst bird drops and other acidic contaminants that could leave etching stains on your clear coat. This high-resistance to chemicals means these ceramic coatings, when cared for properly, won’t wash off even after hundreds of car washes. After all, they are 100 times thicker than wax!

A Barrier Against UV Rays and Oxidation
In Raleigh, our cars are bombarded year round with strong UV rays that accelerate the oxidation process. Oxidation can result in paint discoloration and extreme loss of shine. Fortunately, ceramic coatings for cars are UV resistant and will absorb the UV rays, repelling oxidation for years!

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